Wednesday, 10 February 2016


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Assalamualaikum and hi.

So here's the video of my trip to Italy last new year holiday. Will upload more photos very soon!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Post-SPM/Afterschool Guidelines

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Assalamualaikum and hello!

Your most important exam in high school has ended yeay! But what to do next?

Maybe some of you out there are wondering this matter too. Well there is a couple of students contact me, asking for my opinions. So here goes my opinions!

What do i need to do right after SPM?
I would say enjoy yourself! Pamper and treat yourself after a hectic and busy time of your life. Do what you love. Go shopping, travel or just relax on your own bed. Your body and mind need some rest. You don't have to worry of anything at this moment. Just enjoy and celebrate that you have done your SPM well.

The time when you should be worried a bit is the first few weeks after the result comes out.

Prepare yourself to fill in soooo many forms. Online or you have to print them out. And you best friends at that moment will be 'ketua kampung' jkkk and others related to them haha. It will be quite boring and stressful coz you keep doing the same thing over and over. Haha.

Check any website or company which offer scholarships for undergraduates. Apply all of them. Yes all. There are loads but might be different from previous years. So i advice my adik-adik (huhu) to check them out. Just google or ask your friends/seniors from the year before.

Be attentive to the closing date of each application! Once i missed the application for Maktab Perguruan. It was not my first choice to be a teacher but i quite liked it tho. Keep up to date if you don't want to miss your opportunities.

Does UPU still exist? Haha. I guess so. As i remember there are two parts of UPU. The first part is where you fill in all the datas, then you can choose any course or university that you like. Correct me if i was wrong. After the SPM result has come out, don't forget to update your choices. I think maybe a lot of people tend to skip this step. But this is so important. Adjust your course and university of choice depending on your result. It is like 'mengukur baju di badan sendiri'. I am not bragging or what so ever. I hope you get my point here huhu.

This is optional but you can join english class/course for post-SPM students. Such course is very good in improving our english for interviews especially. I didn't attend any of those courses tho haha. But my friends did and they got a lot of benefits from joining those courses.

After settling the applications, the next step is the interview. I think this is most important part because nowadays there are so many genius people. So the only way for them(sponsors) to assess the applicators is by evaluating the soft skills and social skills.

Okay one more. This is not related with your study or future career but it is quite important and true. Get your driving license during this period. Because this is the only time you have a lot of free time. And i'll tell you. My friends who did not manage to get the driving license before entering university, they still did not get it yet haha. Experience.

I think that's all on what i did after SPM.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Travelling Tips!

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Assalamualaikum. Greetings.

Now it is the time of the year, everyone is planning for holiday trips (well at least for us in Moscow). Since studying here (2011), i've travelled every winter holiday. Who gonna miss the chance to travel the Europe when it is right in front of your eyes kan. 

So here i want to share some tips for travelling, specifically in the Europe. But i think these applies to all countries around the world too. These maybe are basic tips where you can find everywhere else. But i'm writing this post with my own experience.

Money is the most important thing, of course. This 'plan the budget' is not only the budget for your trip, but your whole budget in general. Calculate and minus all your payments including apartment, transport, daily expenses etc. Then you get the amount that you can spend for travelling. Well some of you may already got the tabung special for travelling. That's a great effort lah. But i always fail to fill up my coin bank huhu.

Sticking to the topic of money, try to use a debit card. Either withdraw some amount of money in the particular country or just swipe your card. Buying the currency at the money changer can be a bit expensive. Besides, you don't have to carry that money all the way from home. It is risky too!

Get some info about the country you are going to. The currency, places of interests, reviews etc. It's easier than googling all that stuff at the moment you are already there. I have friends who did that way. Yes it is okay if you want some challenges but to me, i like everything to be organized coz i am an organized person hewhew.

There are a lot of cheap airlines such as ryan air and easy jet(uk based). Book early, look for great deals from airlines from time to time, look for smaller carriers. I've seen some tips that say the flight tickets will be cheaper on tuesday night, and a lot more expensive on weekends. And my friends say so too. Another tips is try to be more flexible with your flight date. The same concept. Fly on weekdays, it is cheaper.

There is no reason to take your closet with you. Yes i am struggling with this problem too. #womensproblem  I always wanna look good in photos with different outfits. But try to minimise the stuffs you're bringing. Try to mix and match outfits. Bring your basic needs only.

Europe is well known for the efficient public transport. Trains and buses. As far as i travel in the Europe, transportation is not a problem. In Moscow, there are 3 types of public buses - autobus, trolleybus, tram. Hebat kan? So use them. Try to avoid private transport like taxi. 

Being a student, you are so lucky! Bukan sekadar pas masuk university je. You can get discounts or even free entry tickets for some places. So don't forget to bring your student card or ISIC (International Student Identity Card). Once in Istanbul, Turkey i didn't bring the ISIC :( The normal ticket price and student price is like around 30 Turkish Lira(TL) and 5 TL. *if i'm not mistaken* What a difference! I am sure you don't wanna lose your opportunities kan. Use your student card.

I am a bargain hunter. Who doesn't love cheap things? But sometimes when you are a foreigner, the sellers tend to be a little bit tricky and put higher prices. Show off your bargain skills!

For now i think that's all. From time to time insyaAllah i'll try to write tips or experience specifically where i went.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Menjajah Si Penjajah (England & Portugal)

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Menjajah si penjajah? Ingat tak dulu orang Inggeris dan Portugis pernah menjajah kita? Recall balik sejarah please hewhew.

Then kitorang pula pergi negara diorang. Kononnya menjajah lah tu. That's how my travel partner came up with this title. And it was our official hashtag on instagram. Just click #menjajahsipenjajah to browse our holiday pics hehehe.

So here is the trailer of our trip. Acah2 trailer macam filem blockbuster je haha. Actually i was so boring that one fine day. So i made 1 tailer and 1 full movie lol. Rajin tak?

Okay enjoy!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Laptop :D

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Lama dah tak menjenguk blog sendiri ni. Sekarang dah cuti and i'm in Malaysia yeayy!

Few months ago, my laptop broke again! That was my 3rd laptop. And thats why aku jarang jenguk and update blog hehe. Entah kenapa tangan aku ni tak boleh pegang laptop kot. So this time i decided to get a Macbook and i got it! :)

So insyaAllah after this i'll be updating my blog quite often, hopefully lah. Tapi kadang2 biasalah time cuti, busy dengan family and friends pulak. But i'll try my best huhu.

Kalau korang tau winter break lepas i went to England and Portugal. And if korang nak tau pasal winter trip aku, insyaAllah boleh update. Sampai sini dulu lah.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Harini tetiba aku rasa nak share resipi. Orang yang kenal aku tau, yang aku ni bukan jenis yang suka masak and baking. Actually aku suka je baking ni, tapi kemalasan mengatasi segalanya haha. And haritu aku rasa nak buatkan kek untuk housemates and usrahmates aku. Aku dah pernah dua tiga kali jugak buat chocolate cake ni, tapi resipi aku main google je. Kali ni aku mintak resipi dengan senior aku. And kali ni aku dapat pujian yang mendadak dari kawan2 aku muahaha. *kembang hidung*

Resipi ni agak complicated berbanding resipi2 yang aku guna sebelum ni. Tapi telah terbukti resipi ni akan menghasilkan kek yang jauh lebih sedap gitewww. Ni yang aku buat semalam.

Meleleh tak?

Gemok gebu macam pipi aku haha.

So tanpa melengahkan masa, meh aku kongsikan resipinya.

Bahan A :

1 cawan gula
1 cawan susu cair
1 cawan minyak
1 cawan tepung coklat
1/2 cawan susu pekat

Bahan B :

3 biji telur
1 teaspoon esen vanilla

Bahan C :

1 cawan tepung gandum
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon garam halus

Cara-cara :

1. Campurkan semua bahan A dalam periuk dan kacau atas api perlahan. Ni just untuk sebatikan adunan. Jangan sampai mendidih pulak adunan tu. Then sejukkan sekejap.

2. Pukul bahan B.

4. Ayak bahan C. Tapi aku malas. Campur je semua terus haha.

3. Masukkan bahan A ke dalam bahan B. Kacau sebati.

5. Then masukkan bahan C sedikit demi sedikit and kacau.

Korang boleh bakar or kukus kek ni. Aku lebih prefer kukus sebab banyak kelebihannya. Yang paling ketara, kek korang akan jadi lebih moist kan.

Okay selamat mencuba!

Nanti kalau korang dah try buat, share dengan aku okay.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

First Ice Skating Experience! (Gorky Park, Moscow)

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Haa mesti ada korang2 yang cakap, apa la first time skating. Orang kat Malaysia pun dah banyak kali. Maklumlah, aku orang Terengganu tak sempat pergi skating kat sunway tu. Hmm, dah tu duduk kat Moscow 2 3 tahun takkan tak pernah skating? Time kelas Physical Education (macam kelas PJK) pernah lah. Tapi biasanya cikgu suruh kitorang ski-ing, bukan skating.

Ni time last winter, February kot. It is the largest outdoor ice rink in Europe kot, tak sure. Korang boleh google balik haha. So memang best la, boleh fefeeling macam omputih kat oversea gituuu. (pftt, padahal memang kat oversea pun) Malas la nak taip panjang2. Korang tengok la sendiri kehebatan aku dan kawan2 hewhew. Sorry kalau video blur senget tertunggang terbalik.

Bosan ke tengok video banyak2? Nah ni ade satu je lagi. Tak nak tengok takyah play haha. Ni second time aku pergi skating kat tempat sama, just 2 or 3 days after. Because i just love skating and that place!

Okay dah, tu je. Nanti dah salji, aku pergi skating lagi, aku upload lagi. Kalau suka bagitau, kalau tak suka pun bagitau haha.


P/s : Video yang diupload (bukan link dari youtube) boleh tengok kat desktop je kot, kat mobile takleh. Aku pun tak tau kenapa T.T


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