Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Post-SPM/Afterschool Guidelines

Posted by Shiera Leo at 01:40
Assalamualaikum and hello!

Your most important exam in high school has ended yeay! But what to do next?

Maybe some of you out there are wondering this matter too. Well there is a couple of students contact me, asking for my opinions. So here goes my opinions!

What do i need to do right after SPM?
I would say enjoy yourself! Pamper and treat yourself after a hectic and busy time of your life. Do what you love. Go shopping, travel or just relax on your own bed. Your body and mind need some rest. You don't have to worry of anything at this moment. Just enjoy and celebrate that you have done your SPM well.

The time when you should be worried a bit is the first few weeks after the result comes out.

Prepare yourself to fill in soooo many forms. Online or you have to print them out. And you best friends at that moment will be 'ketua kampung' jkkk and others related to them haha. It will be quite boring and stressful coz you keep doing the same thing over and over. Haha.

Check any website or company which offer scholarships for undergraduates. Apply all of them. Yes all. There are loads but might be different from previous years. So i advice my adik-adik (huhu) to check them out. Just google or ask your friends/seniors from the year before.

Be attentive to the closing date of each application! Once i missed the application for Maktab Perguruan. It was not my first choice to be a teacher but i quite liked it tho. Keep up to date if you don't want to miss your opportunities.

Does UPU still exist? Haha. I guess so. As i remember there are two parts of UPU. The first part is where you fill in all the datas, then you can choose any course or university that you like. Correct me if i was wrong. After the SPM result has come out, don't forget to update your choices. I think maybe a lot of people tend to skip this step. But this is so important. Adjust your course and university of choice depending on your result. It is like 'mengukur baju di badan sendiri'. I am not bragging or what so ever. I hope you get my point here huhu.

This is optional but you can join english class/course for post-SPM students. Such course is very good in improving our english for interviews especially. I didn't attend any of those courses tho haha. But my friends did and they got a lot of benefits from joining those courses.

After settling the applications, the next step is the interview. I think this is most important part because nowadays there are so many genius people. So the only way for them(sponsors) to assess the applicators is by evaluating the soft skills and social skills.

Okay one more. This is not related with your study or future career but it is quite important and true. Get your driving license during this period. Because this is the only time you have a lot of free time. And i'll tell you. My friends who did not manage to get the driving license before entering university, they still did not get it yet haha. Experience.

I think that's all on what i did after SPM.



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